We are improving people's lives with the world's most affordable and technologic delivery service for local commerce around the world, Since our start in 2017, Kiwibot has made over 90,000 deliveries and built over 200 robots to be the number one robot delivery platform on earth.

We are improving
people's lives

We are making an impact with the world's most affordable and technological delivery service for local commerce around the world. Since our start in 2017, Kiwibot has made over 100,000 deliveries and built over 200 robots making us the number one robot delivery platform globally. 

Our vision is to bring the cost of delivery  down as low as possible, even to zero. We want to be part of the future, ensuring that any product you purchase can be delivered within an hour or less. 


We devote meticulous attention to detail and abundant care to each and every delivery.

Our delivery service is faster and cheaper than any out there, empowering you to get whatever you want when you want it


Our adorable robots — an icon on many campuses — have brought joy to thousands.

They're here to improve your life while also reducing the congestion caused by delivery cars. We're making cities more livable and friendly for the people who matter: you.


Thanks to our cutting-edge behavioral neural network, Kiwibots are able to seamlessly mesh into the fabric of urban landscapes.

Thanks to the technology we use like Smart Brake and Street Crossing Mode, KiwiBots will never inconvenience or harm you, your family, your friends, or your neighbors.

Founding team

Felipe Chávez, Founder & CEO
Diego Varela,
chief operating officer COO
Sergio Pachón, Founder & President

Business team

David Rodriguez,
Head of Business Development
Victor Navarro, City Launcher
Lena Franco City Launcher
Arya Anand Strategy & Business Operations Manager
David Lesmes Strategy & Business Operations Manager
Juan Corredor Strategy & Business Operations Manager

Finance & Admin team

Leidy Gandica, Head of Finance
Angie Duque Accounting assitance
Martha Bustamante Cleaning Staff

Operations team

Juan Barbosa, Customer service representative
Bryan Moreno, Robot Supervisor
Laura Rodriguez, Robot supervisor
Jairo Hernandez, Robot supervisor

Manufacturing team

Natalia Pinilla, Head of hardware & Manufacturing
Alejandro Otálora,
Head of product design
Andres Rengifo, Hardware Lead Engineer
Leonardo Correa, Mechanical Design Engineer
Jose Logreira, Electronic Engineer

Ai & Robotics team

John Betancourt, Head of AI & Robotics
Camilo Alvis,
Control & robotcis Engineer
Carlos Alvarez, Senior ML Engineer
Marcela Gomez, Q&A Engineer & project assistance
Davidson Rojas,
Junior Robotics Engineer
Rafael Rincon,
Junior Robotics Engineer

Data & Software team

Andres Rosero, Head of Data & Software
Joan Cabezas Developer
Gabriel Preciado,
Data Engineer
Fredy Acuña, Developer
Camilo Ariza,
Data Analyst
Ricardo Gotheil,

Maintenance Team

Mateo Guzman, Maintance Lead
Camilo Marin Maintance technician
Daniel Usuga, Maintance technician

Board of directors and advisors

Gerard Casale, TYLT ventures
Ariel Poler, Founder & COO Former CEO & Board member
Trevor Darrel, Berkely deep drive BDD CS Division at UC Berkeley
Joseph Huang, Infinity ventures
Patrick Lee, Strategic advisor, Former CEO & Co-founder
J. Kim Fennell, Uber Business Development, Tech Executive, CEO, Angel Investor/Advisor
Matt Sweeney, Uber
Andrew Savage, Founding team & VP at Lime
Aki Naito, COO at Helping Hands Community

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Berkeley angels

Ulysses Ortega for @nytimes

Team mates

natalia Pinilla @Vuela

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