We want to let you know that our number 1 priority is your safety and satisfaction.

Without the push of a button (via Kiwibot app) you could have your hot meals, groceries, snacks, hand sanitizer, face masks, toiletries, non-perishable snacks, charging packs, bottled water, and other necessities for your ease and more delivered without having to leave your home.


Virus outbreak cases are doubling by the day (OurWorldInData) and we want to ease your quarantine experience by providing you with what you need. 

Covid 19

The rise of COVID 19 has brought upon an economic crisis amongst business owners with the lack of foot traffic. To support your local stores, order through the Kiwibot app.  

Safety first

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have found no incidents thus far of contracting the virus due to food related issues, but your health is of utmost importance and we are taking active measures to ensure sanitary conditions.

Using robots to mitigate Coronavirus

Being in a startup is a roller coaster of emotion and I have personally learned that the best way to reduce uncertainty is always go one step further and continue working. At Kiwibot we want to provide the most advanced solutions to mitigate the crisis that we are currently facing.We have already done over 100,000 food transactions, however we know that our technology can go beyond that. This week we saw the need for sanitary supplies and we have been providing masks, antibacterial gels and hygiene products for the communities of Berkeley and Denver. We have developed a point-to-point delivery system with all hygiene controls in order to help the community.Next week we will activate a fleet of robots in my country, Colombia, to make deliveries of any kind of product. At Kiwibot, we make ourselves available to the different governments to use our technology in this contingency.Our teams located in Berkeley, Medellín, Denver and Taiwan are working on the sanitization of the robots twice a day to ensure your food is safe. We especially extend our gratitude to the restaurants who have partnered with us and the team inside the company researching further technologies to mitigate the COVID-19 spread.Lastly, we want to support medical personnel, doctors and nurses, we want to express our gratitude for being at the forefront of this situation, you are an inspiration to everyone. Also I would like to thank the Kiwibot team, our investors, our partners; Freedom Robotics for helping to make this possible.We are experiencing very special times, with a small contribution our hope at Kiwibot is to help ease your worries and bring more happinessStay safe and stay healthy,

Felipe ChávezCEO-Kiwibot

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