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Kiwibot service

The most advanced

LIVE Robotic

Navigating sidewalks to deliver your favorite anything, On-demand.

Explore, order, and experience Kiwibot.

With the largest robotic system on earth, you can get whatever you want through the Kiwibot app and we will deliver it to you right away. Thanks to our cutting-edge behavioral neural network, KiwiBots are able to seamlessly mesh into the fabric of urban landscapes.

No time to waste time.

Feel like cooking for tonight? We got you! Order your groceries with the Kiwibot app and we’ll get them to you in less than an hour’s time.

Get Unlimited Free Delivery with Kiwibot.

With Kiwibot's Free delivery plan you won't have to worry about service fee- ever. Try it free with a one-month free trial, cancel anytime.

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