A sustainable robotic
delivery infrastructure.

80% of parcels will be delivered by autonomous vehicles in the next decade, McKinsey.

65% of restaurant and retail revenues will come from online ordering, but today:

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Your customer
pays more

~17-40% higher price due to delivery fees/bookings/markups.

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You definitely
pay more

~20-40% commissions for
third-party marketplaces.

The future is here, accelerating profitable delivery growth for your business

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-Kiwibot lease/rent starts at $20/day per robot.
-Kiwibot order capacity/day:
6-18 depending on demand & distance.
-Order fees:
1-4 Kiwibots leased: $1.99/per-order.
5-10 Kiwibots leased: $0.99/per-order.

*Subject to availability

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