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Partner Cities

We want to be a part of your community by helping the economic reactivation, making deliveries accessible for everyone and working with local businesses.

The Robot Delivery Service for your Business.

We are a delivery service that uses cute robots to deliver your food at a reasonable cost and great quality while significantly reducing the CO2 footprint.

Efficient delivery service
reduce the time to market and setup costs for businesses that want to offer delivery.
Sustainable delivery infrastructure
making cities more livable, friendly, and most importantly sustainable.
Friendly delivery robot
We enhance the connection between people and robots.

How Kiwibot Delivery Works.

1. The customer orders from one of our partners.
A Kiwibot customer ordering food
2. Kiwibot will pick up the food.
Kiwibot picking up the food
3. We’ll keep the customer updated.
 A client is being updated about the robot food delivery service
4. Kiwibot will deliver the order.
Kiwibot delivering the order

API Integration

We’re building a reliable, friendly, and efficient robot platform that is allowing every person or business to offer a delivery service  for a very affordable price.

Our #1 priority is your safety and satisfaction, that’s why we understand the specific needs of our partners and make sure to provide them with personalized service.

Kiwibots are rolling in these cities