Launch a robot delivery service in days with a one stop solution.

We move atoms to optimize local commerce and deliver safely and timely to your customers.           

Use Kiwibots for Delivery!
Kiwibot and Sodexo partner to deliver food safely at DU

A sustainable robotic
delivery infrastructure

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If you’re a

Food delivery should not involve outrageous commissions, 65% of restaurant and retail revenues will come from online ordering.

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If you’re a government institution

“80% of parcels will be delivered by autonomous vehicles in the next decade.” -McKinsey. Become a pioneer in implementing autonomous delivery technologies in your city. 

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If you’re a
delivery app

The future is here to accelerate profitable delivery growth for your business. Let us be the perfect addition to your service with sustainable robotic delivery.

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If you’re a

Our B2B offer is supported by a set of tools for developers that allow our partners to develop seamless integrations to start using the logistics infrastructure of the future.

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-The future is here, accelerating profitable delivery growth for your Business! 
-Faster and hygienic delivery
-Simple interface apps
-Integrated loyalty programs

What was nearly impossible to develop for local commerce, until KiwiBot.

Our #1 priority is your safety and satisfaction, that’s why we understand the specific needs of our partners and make sure to provide them with personalized service!Tell us about your needs!

Kiwibot links on-demand customers with you, we move atoms from point A to B in a safe, efficient, and affordable way.

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After 100,000 orders,
we are the leading robotic platform.

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We’re building a reliable, friendly, and efficient robot platform that is allowing every person or business to offer a delivery service  for a very affordable price. 

Kiwibot for business

We devote meticulous attention to detail and abundant care to each and every delivery. Our delivery service is faster and cheaper than any out there, empowering people to get whatever they want when they want it.
Our adorable robots — an icon on many college campuses — have brought joy to thousands.They're here to improve lives while also reducing the congestion caused by delivery cars. We're making cities more livable, friendly, and most importantly sustainable.
Thanks to our cutting-edge behavioral neural network, Kiwibots are able to seamlessly mesh into the fabric of urban landscapes.

Food delivery
should not involve outrageous commissions

Our service
We help companies to launch a robot delivery service in days with a one-stop solution.
our technology

Be the hero of your customers

That’s why you and your customers deserve a better, safer and more hygienic experience, one that is sustainable and inexpensive.
Grow your business by moving orders where customers want it

Faster and hygienic delivery, simple interface apps, and integrated loyalty programs. All of that was nearly impossible to develop for local commerce, til now.

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We shape the infrastructure for the future integrated
ordering + delivery.