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The Robot Delivery Service for your Business.

We love to deliver safely and timely to your customer's doorstep, on-demand.

Miami, San Jose, Santa Monica

We will be delivering products with our cute robots closer to you than ever!

Hello Miami and San Jose

Starting this week, Kiwibot will be delivering in these cities!

Kiwibot Plus+
iF design award 2021 winner

Meet our robot awarded in one of the most important design awards in the world.


Meet our cutting-edge 2021 robot

Meet Kiwibot 4.0

We offer the biggest delivery robot infrastructure in the world by connecting businesses that want to employ our robots for last-mile delivery.

With a robot winner of the
iF Design Award 2021

The friendliest way
to receive your delivery.

A respectful member of the community

We've designed a robot to play one of the most important roles as a bridge between robots and humans, designed from the heart up to join you in your neighborhood for the next decades.

Smarter than any other robot in the world

Using Lidar and the most advanced sensors in the world, Kiwibot creates a virtual picture of the world in real-time to interact with the community and break mobility barriers that we should face.

We’re reimagining
local delivery.

Sharing public space
in a non-invasive way.

Running every delivery
with zero emissions.

The friendliest way to
get your delivery.

We devote meticulous attention to detail and abundant care to each and every delivery. Our delivery service is faster and cheaper than any out there, empowering you to get whatever you want when you want it


Our adorable robots — an robot icon around the world— have brought joy to thousands. They're here to improve your life while also reducing the congestion caused by delivery cars. We're making cities more livable and friendly for the people who matter: you.


Thanks to our cutting-edge behavioral neural network, Kiwibots are able to seamlessly mesh into the fabric of urban landscapes. Thanks to the technology we use like Smart Brake and Street Crossing Mode, KiwiBots will never inconvenience or harm you, your family, your friends, or your neighbors.

Meet our Team

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