The Delivery Service for Your Business.

Our adorable kiwibots safely navigate the sidewalks to provide convenient deliveries to your community

We Have

Miami, Los Angeles, San Jose, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New Mexico, and Washington are now swarmed by our beautiful robots.
Meet our cutting-edge 2021 robot

Meet Kiwibot 4.0

We offer the largest robot delivery infrastructure in the world by connecting businesses that want to utilize our robots for last-mile delivery

iF Design Award 2021 Winner

Kiwibot IF Design Award 2021 winner

The Friendliest Way
to Receive Your Delivery

Kiwibot on the streets of Los Angeles
A Respectful Member of the Community

We've designed our robot to serve as the bridge between humans and technology, designed with compassion to serve you in your community for generations

Smarter than Any Robot in the World

Using Lidar and the most advanced sensors in the world, Kiwibot creates a virtual picture of the world in real-time to interact with the community and break mobility barriers.

Bringing You the Futuristic
Convenience that You Deserve

Food delivery robot

Running Every Delivery
with Zero Carbon Emissions

Robot zero emissions delivery

We reduce the time to market and setup costs for businesses that want to employ our delivery services for the convenience of their consumers


We are making cities more convenient, friendly, and most importantly, sustainable by reducing the congestion caused by automobile delivery

People Friendly

Our Kiwibots are here to serve YOU. We foster a genuine connection between people and robots by bringing innovation directly to the client.

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