Kiwibot partners with Aramex to Test Drone and Robotic Delivery Service

February 15, 2023

Dubai, UAE - Kiwibot, a leading last-mile robotic delivery company, and Aramex, a leading global provider of logistics and transportation solutions, are excited to announce the successful testing of drone and robotic delivery along the road in the UAE.

The common vision for last-mile delivery combines the strengths of Kiwibot in the field of autonomous robotic delivery, with Aramex's experience in logistics and transportation. The result is quicker, cost-effective, innovative and sustainable delivery solutions. The initial testing in Dubai involves a multi-modal approach using both drones and autonomous robots.

Kiwibot's high-driving automation robots use a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence to navigate through surroundings and obstacles. They utilize an advanced GPS navigation system with a high-tech satellite solution, to generate virtual maps and establish multiple routes that make it possible to reach a pre-defined goal.

The drone technology, provided by BARQ EV, is equipped with multidirectional sensors and a reliable fleet management system, enabling high accuracy across order placements dispatch management, drone flight routing, and deliveries.

“This partnership between Aramex and Kiwibot revealed a shared vision to shape greener cities. We are laying the groundwork for a carbon-free future by implementing a sustainable delivery and shipping solution,” said Felipe Chávez, CEO and Co-Founder of Kiwibot. "The pilot has demonstrated that Kiwibot is not only a last-mile delivery service, but also encompasses efficiency in operations,  an extraordinary experience, and harmonious mobility.”

“The expansion of our Future Delivery Program in the UAE is a testament to our drive to be at the forefront of last-mile delivery logistics and generate more value for our customers by providing a faster, safer, and greener way of delivering packages,” said Alaa Saoudi, Chief Operating Officer – Express at Aramex. “Importantly, it also enables Aramex to further contribute to UAE’s sustainability ambitions as we embark on our mission to transition our fleet to emission-free vehicles and achieve our climate pledge to reach Carbon neutrality by 2030. We are excited about the next chapter of the program and further scale this service to reach more customers.”

This initiative follows Kiwibot’s aspirations to expand last-mile robotic delivery across the MENA region and let customers experience the delivery service like never before. Kiwibot and Aramex aim to create a greener future for cities by providing sustainable and adaptable options for mobility.