Kiwibot announces rebranding: we deliver emotions!

May 17, 2022

Beyond a robot delivery service, we will deliver emotions, connecting with people through this colorful, disruptive, and breathtaking rebrand.

In Kiwibot we want to announce our most significant rebranding since the beginning. With a new logo, typography, website, color palette, products, and merchandising, this brand evolution aims to connect with the audience more and awaken the emotions that the robot generates when delivering.

To turn the robotic delivery into an emotional experience, our brand evolves into something more colorful, youthful, and versatile. Thus, the logo was updated, starting with the letter “K” made by intersections inspired by the streets where the robot travels.

In addition, beyond blue, there is a new extended color palette that represents the diversity of emotions and allows social media and marketing materials to be more fun and daring, directed toward connecting with the audience in a closer and fresher way.

This is a massive change in our history. “This is the first time that we are evolving not only in terms of our brand, but also with new ideas to communicate through the robot's eyes, sounds, and movements. Going beyond the interaction to arouse more emotions,” affirmed Alejandro Otálora, Director of Design at Kiwibot.

Now, after exhaustive research and a hugely creative process by the marketing and design team*, what prompts this rebranding is, “to connect more with our target audiences, so that they feel us as a close brand and adopt the delivery bot as part of their lives and as a member of their community,” said Alejandro, who led the branding evolution.

Finally, this powerful rebrand hopes to conquer your heart and steal your breath while we deliver what you need, miss, crave, and love. Our food delivery robots on campus will be part of everyone’s life, delivering anything and everything: from atoms to emotions.

*This rebranding was possible thanks to Alejandro Otálora (Design Director), Paula Gómez (College Campuses Marketing Lead), Érika Ospina (UX/UI and Web), Jezmin Guerrero (Graphic Design Lead), Santiago Sánchez (Product Design and Animation), Esteban García (Content Strategist), Natalia Tovar (Project Manager) and the Kiwibot Team that inspires us every day.

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María José Guzmán R