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Bringing Joy to the World: Adorable Robots, Happy Communities.


Kiwibot Service: Delivering the Future, Community First

At Kiwibot, community isn't just a word - it's our guiding principle. We're committed to creating connections and making life better for everyone.

With each delivery, we're not just bringing packages; we're building trust, convenience, and a better future for your neighborhood.


Cost Saving

Our delivery system is much more economical than traditional deliveries.

Time Saving

The flexibility and adaptability to each of the orders received saves time

Green Tech

By reducing traffic congestion and emissions, it contributes to a greener, cleaner environment.

Friendly Service

Kiwibot interacts with people in a friendly and considerate manner, ensuring a positive and personalized experience.

Happiness Delivered

Elevate Your Client Experience!

Fueling the Kiwibot World: Where People Power Every Mile, Every Day! Join the Thriving Robot-Human Community – Delivering Happiness with Every Drop!


Your safety is our top priority. Kiwibot's cutting-edge technology is designed to navigate the streets securely.

Equipped with an array of sensors, cameras, LiDAR, radar, GPS, an alarm system, and visual indicators like lights and flags, Kiwibot is built to ensure a smooth and secure journey, for both the robot and those it encounters.

safety features

Intuitive Human-Robot Interaction

Kiwibots are designed to recognize and respond to facial gestures, facilitating natural and safe communication. This feature enhances the robot's ability to interact with people it encounters on its route, further bolstering safety.


Contactless Delivery

Due to covid 19, users' awareness of viruses and how to be protected from microorganisms increased. Kiwibot is 100% contactless delivery as it has a door-opening system from a mobile devices.


Smart Decision-Making for Safety

Kiwibots possess a high level of autonomy, empowering them to make split-second decisions to avoid collisions. This intelligence ensures seamless interactions with pedestrians, vehicles, and urban infrastructure.


Enhanced Situational Awareness

Kiwibots are equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors and cameras, allowing them to perceive their environment with exceptional clarity. This heightened awareness enables precise navigation and obstacle avoidance, ensuring a safe journey.


Swift Response to Urgency

In critical situations, Kiwibots are equipped with an emergency alarm system. When activated, it immediately alerts those nearby, providing an extra layer of security for both pedestrians and the robot itself.