Artificial intelligence

Kiwibot, since it's inception

"Kiwibot started with a very simple concept, just a box being remotely teleoperated to deliver at short distances.

With the second iteration, we assigned supervisors to the kiwibots at a high level of assistance. This ensured a safer and faster operation. However, for the Kiwibot 3.0 series, we introduced partial automation, specifically, we improved the perception.

With our new 4.0 series, we have applied our experience from the previous iterations and have developed a semi-autonomous driving system, allowing for new ways to interact with the world and the user. We are excited to introduce the world to our semi-autonomous Kiwibots and pave the way for the technological innovation of the future."

John Betancourt, head of Ai & Robotics

Code to deliver

A New Version

" This new version of the Kiwibot has a lot of new features: New cameras, full range lidar, proximity and cliff sensors are going to increase the capability of the robot to understand the world and a new set of communication equipment and antennas improves the connectivity and location accuracy essentials in the robot monitoring and tracking process."

Natalia Pinilla, Head of hardware & manufacturing