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Behind every great robot is an even greater team.

Get to know the minds behind the Kiwibot magic - our dedicated and passionate team of innovators.

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Felipe Chávez

CEO & co-founder

CEO & co-founder

Felipe Chávez Cortés is the visionary founder and CEO of Kiwibot, driven by a passion for revolutionizing delivery and building a fairer, greener future for all.
Growing up in Colombia, Felipe witnessed the challenges of limited access that restrict opportunity and progress firsthand. This sparked in him a fierce determination to create innovative solutions for underserved communities.
After successfully scaling Lulo, a delivery service providing affordable and timely shipping to students, Felipe set an ambitious new goal: making robotic delivery available worldwide. In 2017, Felipe founded Kiwibot, a company that has since completed over 200,000 eco-friendly deliveries from Santa Monica to Dubai.
Kiwibot expanded its fleet of robots servicing college campuses and businesses in cities like Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburg, Denver, Dallas, Detroit, Medellin, and even Dubai.
He is building Kiwibot with the conviction that robotic delivery can improve how we receive goods and services today. By integrating groundbreaking robotics into communities and empowering people through opportunity, Felipe is pioneering what's next for last-mile robot delivery and promoting a more just and sustainable future.

David Rodriguez

Head of Business & co-founder

Head of Business & co-founder

David Rodriguez is the co-founder and director of the Business and Development Team. As the director of Business, he leads Kiwibot's Strategy, Sales, Business Intelligence, Government Relations, Launch Operations & Growth Hacking.
David is passionate about entrepreneurship and broad-minded business development. He is a customer-service-oriented perfectionist, majored in Economics and minored in Management at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá. With his exceptional workflow, skills, creativity, and a sharp mind, David has closed deals with Careem and Sodexo, always focused on getting the biggest deals for Kiwibot.

Sergio Pachón

President & co-founder

President & co-founder

Sergio Pachón is the co-founder and president of Kiwibot, who majored in Industrial Engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, with an emphasis in logistics and production.
In 2014 he founded his first startup Lulo, the first ever service in LATAM that allowed people to order groceries online by delivery. In 2015 it was acquired by the founders of, a company that belongs to Delivery Hero. This company was recognized in 2015 as one of the best Startups in Colombia at Colombia Startup 2015.
In 2016 he traveled to California and founded Kiwibot, a semi-autonomous robot system used for last-mile deliveries through safe, efficient, and economic operations. Kiwibot is the company that has made more than 200.000 deliveries using robots and that has generated the most interactions between humans and robots during the history of humanity.
At the moment the company is present in the United States, Colombia and Dubai.
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Natalia Gutierrez

Executive Manager

Leidy Gandica

Head of Finance & Administration

Natalia Pinilla

Head of Hardware & Manufacturing

Alejandro Otálora

Head of Global Design & Product Innovation

Camila Pita

Head of Maintenance

John Betancourt

Head of Ai & Robotics

Carlos Camelo

Head of Remote Operations

Natalia Valderrama

President Executive Manager

Camilo Pinzon

Head of Service Desk

Lena Franco

Head of Data

John Tarín

Key Account Manager

Laura Gomez

Head of Human Resources

Martín Peña

Head of Legal

Andres Avila

Corporate Development

Cesar Ardila

Head of IT and Platforms

Andrés Severino

Head of On Field Operations
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Social Development

Elevate your community with our positive impact initiatives! Join us in fostering a brighter future through sustainability, outreach, and supporting local businesses


Fueling a brighter future with innovation and eco-friendly tech! Our autonomous delivery robots offer efficiency and convenience while championing a cleaner, greener world.

Data Openness

Unleash data power with Kiwibot! Our delivery robots offer real-time insights for optimizing business operations, empowering you with valuable information.

Economic Empowerment

Collaborate with Kiwibot for data-driven excellence! Our cutting-edge delivery robots collect valuable insights, optimizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and elevating customer experiences across campuses and businesses.

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